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Exhausted by the mundane

14 June 1981
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aesop rock, american beauty, analingus, aphex twin, art, artistic nudes, atmosphere, avoidance, better living through circuitry, billy vaughn, blank artists, blankartists.com, bubble baths, chas ray krider, cheap pitchers of beer, cinematic orchestra, circuit bending, conversation pits, cunnilingus, david lachapelle, david lynch, demf, detroit, dimly lit rooms, diversion tactics, dj shadow, downtempo, dreams, drum and bass, eames, einsturzende neubauten, esthero, exhibitionists, fake wood paneling, females, fight club, futura 2000, glenn barr, groove, growth, gypsies, h.r. giger, hallucinogens in moderation, herb alpert, home recording, honesty, hope, interior decorating, interior design, jungle, kool keith, kraftwerk, lamb, lansing, leonard cohen, longboard(shuffleboard), lounge music, mac's bar, martina topley bird, massive attack, masuimi max, ministry, mix cds, mix tapes, mixed media, modulations, morcheeba, moulin rouge, movies, natural born killers, nightmare before christmas, old records, painting, party monster, people with common interests, phil frost, photography, pirate radio, porn, portishead, prince, pump up the volume, punch drunk love, questionable sexual morals, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, retro-modern design, rules of attraction, saarinen, samuel beckett, saul williams, sculpture, shrunken heads, sister machine gun, skinny puppy, slc punk, sleazy motels, sneaker pimps, spacegirls, stan getz, stealing beats, steampunk, stobers, strippers, super sculpey, supreme beings of leisure, tacky decor, the pogues, theatre of the absurd, thrill kill kult, tom jones, tom waits, tricky, trip hop, true romance, unattainable girls, vanilla sky, voodoo, ween, your mom and sister, zombie preparedness